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I am happy to accept donations to support the Middle School TAB Studio.  I ask that whatever is brought in is in good condition, and please know that scheduling a time to drop things off is appreciated.   If you have something that you think could be useful, we are very creative and will most likely find a use for it.  If not we will pass it on, or lovingly toss it.  Donations are never expected, and always appreciated!

List of Items 

1. Basic Art Supplies

    pencils, erasers, glue, markers, sharpies, etc...

2. Specialty Art Supplies

    paints, wire, fabric, beads, wood, metal, drawing papers,            ribbons, silk flowers, etc...

3. Recycled Materials

    clean and dry plastic containers, soda cans, bottles,                    cardboard, paper towel tubes, etc...

4. Tools and Equipment

    scissors, paintbrushes, stencils, etc...

Donor's Choose

In 2020, I received full funding for a project entitled "Mixed Media Painting Exploration" through the Donor's Choose organization.  I am excited to design and post another project!  You can find the details of the previous project here.

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