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Studio Habits of Mind

Studio Habits of Mind (Hogan, Hetland, Jaquith, and Winner) are thinking dispositions that occur when students are engaged in the artistic process.  These habits, when used in combination with studio structures, provide a framework for students and the Art classroom.  Click HERE to learn more about Studio Thinking and Studio Habits of Mind. 

Develop Craft


How students learn to use the tools and materials in the Art studio, as well as how they take care of the studio environment.

How students plan for and imagine their artwork, determining next steps and visualizing the results of planning.

Engage and Persist

How students find topics and materials that inspire them, and how they follow through the artistic process from beginning to end.


How students make artwork with personal meaning and importance, and recognize it in the work of other artists.


How students question, explain and evaluate their choices in their own artwork and the work of other artists.

Stretch and Explore

How students take risks and play with materials, and how students make mistakes and learn from them.


How students look at and notice the intricacies, details, and patterns of the world around them.

Understand Art Worlds

How students learn about artists and working together.

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